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Higalaay Festival in the Philippines 2024

Celebrating true relationships in the City of Golden Friendship

Dates: August 28

Every August, the city of Cagayan de Oro organizes the Higalaay Festival, a "Friendship Festival" (the Cebuano word "higala" refers to "friend"). The host city is named "The City of Golden Friendship" thanks to its friendly and hospitable townspeople.

Festival Highlights

Initially, the festival was supposed to honor St. Augustine, the city's patron saint. Nowadays, the festival is extended to the entire month, packed with numerous events, attractions, and surprises. Of course, the main attraction is the Cagayan de Oro Carnival Parade, a colorful street dancing competition. Music and dancing are organized to celebrate friendship as the brightest relationship possible among people.


The Kumbira Culinary Show celebrates the richness of local cuisine, offering a chance to experience regional flavors and culinary traditions. As the longest-running annual culinary show and festival in the Philippines, it provides a delectable journey through the region's tastes and draws food enthusiasts from across the country. The event is usually held at Limketkai Center. The Higalas Parade of Floats and Icons, featuring participants from the city's educational institutions, civic groups, fraternities and sororities, and various establishments, is a highlight viewed by thousands of citizens and tourists lining the parade route. The festival also features dazzling performances and fireworks displays that light up the Higalaay Festival celebrations.


Rio de Oro Boulevard, which opened to the public on May 26, 2023, is being promoted as a prime tourist and recreational site. It has already hosted major events, including the city's annual Higalaay Festival and various Christmas activities.

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