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Grape Harvest in Madrid 2024

Despite Madrid doesn't boast a great fame of a wine-producing region, it still produces excellent wines, mostly locally

Best time: September–October

Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest

Winemaking has always been in close to Madrid. Vineyards are located farther south of the city and occupy a vast territory. In the Arganda area, different varieties of grapes are cultivated: white Malvar and Airén and red Tempranillo. In Navalcarnero—white Malvar and red Garnacha. In San Martin de Valdeiglesias—white Albillo and red Garnacha Tinta.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved in the Madrid community and help out the viners with grape picking, come during the harvest season which starts in late August, peaks in September, and lasts through October. Every year, the farmers in the region call for volunteers online, and you can find this information and participate.

Assisting with the harvest on the vineyards is a great experience and chance to taste grape varieties and see its processing into wine and other products. Grapes are grown for fresh eating, juice, jelly, etc.

Practical info

When is grape picking season in Madrid?

Grape picking usually begins in late August, peaks during September, and continues into October. Wine enthusiasts can help out with grape picking and learn about the Madrid wine community. You can get in touch with local farmers who are looking for volunteers online. Show more

Where are vineyards located in Madrid?

You can find vineyards located south of Madrid in areas such as Arganda. There are several grape varieties cultivated in this region, including Airén, Tempranillo, and Malvar. Navalcarnero is another area where grape cultivation is common. Popular varieties grown there include Garnacha and Malvar, while San Martin de Valdeiglesias cultivates Albillo and Garnacha Tinta. Show more

Which grape varieties are grown in Madrid?

Madrid's vineyards cultivate various grape varieties, resulting in the production of excellent wines. The Arganda area grows Malvar, Airén, and Tempranillo. Grape varieties such as Garnacha and Malvar are widely cultivated in Navalcarnero, while San Martin de Valdeiglesias cultivates Albillo and Garnacha Tinta. These varieties grow well in Madrid's terrain and offer unique flavours to the wines produced there. Show more

Is it possible to volunteer for grape picking in Madrid?

Volunteering for grape picking during the season in Madrid is a possibility. Every year, farmers advertise for volunteers online, so it's worth looking out for those opportunities. Grape picking is an enjoyable experience, and you get to see the processing of the fruit into various products such as wine, jelly, and juice, among others. Show more

What are the products made from grapes in Madrid?

In Madrid, grapes harvested in vineyards are used to make different products such as jellies, wine, juice, and fresh eating. Given the wide range of grape varieties grown in different regions of Madrid, this results in a diverse selection of excellent wines. After being harvested, some grape varieties are used for making vinegar, an essential ingredient in various Spanish dishes. The grape harvest season in Madrid is also an opportune time to see the transformation of fruit into a myriad of products. Show more

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