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Alaska Folk Festival 2024

One of the best folk festivals of the Northwest

Dates: April 8-14, 2024

Alaska Folk Festival is an annual event held in Juneau, Alaska, dedicated to the folk music of the U.S. Northwest and Canada. This 7-day festival is held every April and is funded solely by volunteers and donations. During the festival, the town of Juneau is wholly taken over by music and dances. Concerts, performances, workshops and jam sessions take place everywhere during day and night. Hundreds of musicians gather from all over the Northwest. Events and activities of the festival are free to the public. Performers don't get paid at this festival. Only one guest artist who performs for 45 minutes gets paid.

In the past, guest performers at Alaska Folk Festival included Pharis and Jason Romero, The Murphy Beds, Eamon O’Leary & Jefferson Hamer, The Carper Family, Melissa Carper, Beth Chrisman, Jenn Miori, Sophia Johnson, Byron Berline Band, Bonsoir, Si Kahn, and The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band.

Every year Juneau Folk Festival features a wide selection of artists and bands. There are nine concerts during the week with about 15 acts lasting 15 minutes at each show. The Alaska Folk Festival encourages non-professional musicians to participate and perform on the main stage. This fun festival is the oldest of its kind in Alaska, and it attracts musicians from all over the world.

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