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Arctic Ocean Ice Road in Alaska

In Alaska winter also means more mobility. An Ocean Ice Road in Prudhoe Bay is one of those unique highways which operate only during the cold season

For a few months each winter the Prudhoe Bay in Alaska turns into an ice road over the Arctic Ocean. The road goes from the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Point Thomson, Alaska and is about 109 km long. The maximum speed you can drive with is only 16 km/h.

The road over the Beaufort Sea is mainly used by semi-trucks to deliver various loads to Point Thomson. Being one of the largest oil fields on the continent, Prudhoe Bay needs the ice road to ensure the important deliveries. There is also a seasonal ice road, from the Kuparuk Oil Field to the Alpine oil field, which can’t be driven during summer months. It is almost 50 km long.

The season for this unique activity starts in December and lasts till the end of March.

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