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Luging in New Zealand

Comfortable gondolas, fast and twisted luge tracks, and beautiful sceneries make luging compete with traditional sledding

Best time: November–April


This is just like some computer game when your car races along the twisted trail waving​ from its edges, bumping into the other riders' vehicles and outdriving them. But this time, it is much better, because it is real: you are actually steering your gondola, speeding along the winded luge tracks as if they were made of ice. The most famous luging tracks are available in Rotorua and Queenstown. This exhilarating entertainment may be experienced during warm season from November to April.

Practical info

What are some recommended places for luging in New Zealand?

Skyline Rotorua and Skyline Queenstown are two popular destinations for luging in New Zealand. These locations offer spectacular views of the beautiful landscape that New Zealand is known for, with thrilling twists and turns suitable for all ages. The luge track in Mount Ngongotaha, Rotorua, also provides beautiful views of the city from a high altitude. These locations provide unique luging experiences that are best enjoyed with friends and family. Show more

Are there any restrictions to age and height when luging?

Children as young as 6 years old can go down the luge track alone while children aged 5 or younger can take the ride accompanied by an adult. Weight is a factor in luging activities, and riders are expected not to exceed 110 kg. Inexperienced riders and younger children will be limited to the scenic tracks while more experienced riders can enjoy advanced tracks with a variety of hairpin turns, banked corners, and drop-offs. Show more

How fast can you expect to go down the luge track in New Zealand?

Top speeds of up to 50 km/h are achievable on the advanced luge tracks in Queenstown and Rotorua for experienced riders. The scenic tracks designed for inexperienced or younger riders provide a slower ride of about 20-30 km/h, still offering beautiful views of the surrounding areas. Each luge track has safety measures in place, including instructions meant to be followed by riders to ensure their experience is both safe and thrilling. Show more

Can groups avail of discounts when booking luging activities in New Zealand?

Skyline Rotorua and Skyline Queenstown have group packages available for larger groups. Skyline Rotorua provides group discounts starting from 10 people, while Skyline Queenstown offers packages suitable for up to 50 people. Groups can enjoy private rides on gondolas and meals while enjoying scenic views of Queenstown. Reservations are advised to be made in advance to secure a spot, and availability for group discounts should also be checked beforehand. Show more

What other activities can be done apart from luging in Rotorua and Queenstown between November and April?

Rotorua and Queenstown offer a variety of outdoor activities to do other than luging. Visitors can explore geothermal wonders, go bungee jumping or ziplining, relax in natural hot springs, and experience the diverse culture and traditions that New Zealand has to offer. The restaurants on the mountain tops give visitors a chance to enjoy some light refreshments and drinks while enjoying the panoramic view. Queenstown also has a wide selection of shops and restaurants to indulge visitors' thirst for local and international cuisine. Show more

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