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Power Kiting in London

It's an amazing feeling to be literally carried away by a kite in Richmond Park

Best time: April–October

Power Kiting
Power Kiting
Power Kiting

Power kiting is a relatively young local sport available among other entertainment in Richmond Park throughout the year. Due to the quality instruction, novices can quickly and easily learn the technique and soon enjoy everything about it. You can choose a type of power-kiting, in any case pulled by a kite: sitting on a buggy, standing on a landboard or wearing a pair of inline skates. Those who are not so much into power kiting can enjoy watching the sports or observing deer that graze the park.

Practical info

When is the ideal time for power kiting in Richmond Park?

The strongest and most consistent winds for power kiting in Richmond Park can be experienced between April and October. While the activity is permitted throughout the year, the weather may not always be ideal during the colder months. Show more

What are the different means to reach Richmond Park for power kiting?

Richmond Park can be reached by car, train, or bus. The nearest train station is Richmond Station, which is serviced by the District line and mainline railway. You can then take a taxi or bus to the park. Alternatively, you can consider biking and renting a bike to reach the park from nearby locations or simply ride within the park. Show more

What is the typical time-frame to learn power kiting?

Learning power kiting time is based on individual capacity. Though most people can quickly acquire the necessary skills required with good guidance and workshops readily available within Richmond Park. Practical training that lasts several hours a day is required during the initial stages in order to be confident enough to practice on one’s own. Show more

Where can you rent power kiting equipment in Richmond Park?

The Kite Studio and Wind Rush Kites are two companies offering a range of equipment rentals and lessons for power kiting within Richmond Park. Reserving in advance, specifically during peak months, is recommended due to equipment supply constraints in certain parts of the year. Show more

What are the age requirements for power kiting in Richmond Park?

There is no official age limit for power kiting in Richmond Park, but children should be physically capable and understand how to conduct themselves appropriately. Renting equipment for younger children is a feasible option, but you should check with rental providers to determine whether it is appropriate or not. Individuals below 16 years of age must have adult supervision. Show more

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