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Tobogganing in Korketrekkeren in Oslo

The most popular toboggan run in Oslo will take you around ten minutes to go down the hill

Tobogganing in Korketrekkeren

Constructed back in 19th century, the Korktrekkeren slope is 2,000 metres long and was originally planned to be a bobsleigh track. It has never become a permanent bobsleigh facility, but it still gives lots of joy to people.

Typically one ride takes about 8-10 minutes and the elevation drop is 255 metres. When you reach the end of the slope you get to the Midtstuen metro station and can easily go back to the top back to Frognerseteren stop. Remember to be careful not to loose your sled, or you will have to run 2 km down the slope to catch it.

The rides are free of charge. The only expense is the sledge rent that costs around NOK 100-150 per day. The toboggan run functions only when there is sufficient snow, so check the website before heading there.

Practical info

When is the optimum time to visit Oslo for tobogganing?

The perfect time to visit Oslo for tobogganing is usually between December and March, when there is enough snow to cover the Korketrekkeren slope. This is the most potent time for tourists to enjoy this winter activity in Norway. Checking the toboggan website ahead or forecasting is prudent since weather conditions can have an impact on the slope's availability for activities like tobogganing. Show more

How long is each ride down the Korketrekkeren slope?

For every ride, going from the top of the Korketrekkeren slope to the bottom takes about 8 to 10 minutes, spanning a 2,000 meter distance with an overall elevation drop of 255 meters. While this may seem minuscule, it is a thrilling and gratifying experience for winter sports enthusiasts planning a visit to Oslo. Show more

What is the distance between the end of the slope and Midtstuen metro station?

The end of the Korketrekkeren slope connects to the Midtstuen metro station, which is ideal for adventurers. The gap between the Metro station and the slope's tail end is about 2 km. Although this may seem long, walking this distance is much quicker than hiking to the slope's summit, thereby providing more time for relaxation between sled riding sessions. Show more

Is it challenging to locate sled rental facilities near Korketrekkeren slope?

Multiple rental facilities surround the Korketrekkeren slope, making it easy for visitors to rent sleds. Sled rentals at this popular winter activity destination cost between NOK 100 to 150 per day. These rentals facilitate the visitors' access to toboggans without the need to transport sleds all the way from their starting locations. Show more

Besides Korketrekkeren toboggan runs, what are some other winter activities or spots to visit in Oslo?

Winter in Oslo provides opportunities for engaging in a multitude of activities like skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, or winter walking amidst picturesque surroundings. Some of the best and frequently visited winter vacation spots in Oslo include Holmenkollen that offers exciting Olympic ski jumps and skiing museums, and Sognsvann that provides snow-covered pathways for winter hiking and skating, situated in the forest outside Oslo. Show more

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