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Sky Walking at Mt. Nimbus in British Columbia

Most remote and probably the most beautiful via ferrata walk in Canada

Best time: June–August

Sky Walking at Mt. Nimbus
Sky Walking at Mt. Nimbus
Sky Walking at Mt. Nimbus

Deep in the Purcell Mountain Range sets the Mt. Nimbus, which attracts thrill-seekers with its popular sky walk. On the height of 2,651 m, it features the largest and most remote via ferrata in Canada. This unique path in the Purcell Mountains can be accessed only by a helicopter. A 2.5-km-long via ferrata takes climbers through the narrow ridges, gendarmes and an amazing suspension bridge. This is a true walk in the sky with stunning views over rocks and snow-capped mountain tops. The high season for this amazing heli-hiking excursion are summer months when the snow does not create as many obstacles.

Practical info

Can visitors access the Mt. Nimbus skywalk without a helicopter ride?

It is impossible to access the Mt. Nimbus skywalk without a helicopter ride as it is located in the Purcell Mountains, which are not accessible on foot. Visitors will take a helicopter ride to an upper ridge from which the sky walk begins. The operators of the tour provide the 15 to 20 minutes long scenic helicopter ride one way, and it is also part of the visitors' tour. The duration of the ride depends on the weather conditions during which it takes place. Show more

How long does the helicopter tour last while transporting visitors to the via ferrata?

Visitors to the via ferrata will take a helicopter ride that lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes each way. The ride will maneuver through the Purcell Mountains, with visitors enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscape from the scenery above. Safety is paramount to the tour operator, and this is why they provide safety briefing lessons to visitors. This briefing is designed to inform them of the hazards and preventive measures that are necessary for their safety during the ride. Show more

Is prior experience or training necessary for sky walking in Mt. Nimbus?

Although rock climbing or via ferrata familiarity is not necessary before visiting Mt. Nimbus, visitors should come ready for the activity. Being physically fit and no less than 1.2 meters tall is mandatory for participation. Helmets and harnesses are among the safety equipment provided by operators to ensure the visitors' safety throughout the guided walk. A fear of heights may make sky walking unsuitable for some individuals since the difficulty level is quite high. Show more

Which other summer outdoor activities are offered to tourists visiting British Columbia?

Summer in British Columbia offers tourists a wide range of outdoor activities. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rafting, and camping are prevalent among these activities. To enjoy the beauty of the Purcell Mountains up close, tourists can also take scenic helicopter tours. Besides outdoor activities, there are numerous summer events going on, such as cultural festivals and music concerts across the province of British Columbia. During the summer months, outdoor activity programs are very popular among tourists. Show more

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