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Zip World in Wales

Discover this unique and very special adventure soaring hundreds of feet through the air at one hundred miles per hour!

Zip World
Zip World

Make an unforgettable trip on the longest zip wire in Europe in Snowdonia! It is an experience of a lifetime. From the top of Velocity, you will see Anglesey with views of the Isle of Man during clear weather—the birds-eye view is really stunning!

Standing on the edge of nothing in the weird suit about to fly hundreds feet in the air for a mile above Wale's beautiful scenery is an incredible experience The speed literally knocks the breath out of you as you feel your body cutting through the air. You can even reach speeds of 100mph and that is no joke! Every participant is supplied with a safety helmet, goggles, and a flying suit that is wind and shower proof and children under the age of 18 years are not permitted.

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