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Body Board Down the Sand Dunes in New Zealand 2024-2025

It's like snowboarding, surfing and sledging, yet without snow, water or sledges, just sand dunes and a dose of adrenaline

Best time: November–April

Body Board Down the Sand Dunes
Body Board Down the Sand Dunes

Huge sand dunes of the North Island offer unique sand surfing experience. You may do it in various ways: either on your stomach, or standing on the board, sitting or even tumbling, and you are free to choose between steep and gentle slopes. Top three sand surfing locations include Lake Wainamu Black Sand Dunes, located 40 minutes west from the Central Auckland, also the famous giant sand mountains forming Te Paki Sand Dunes and Hokianga Sand Dunes. Good quality sand boarding is provided in Queensland, Ahipara and in the Bay of Island. Sand surfing is available during the warm season when there is no snow on the sand hills, namely between November and April. This unusual​ body boarding brings much excitement.

Practical info

When is the best time of year to go sandboarding in New Zealand?

Sandboarding enthusiasts should visit New Zealand for the activity between November and April. Peak season is the warm summer months of December to February, but sandboarding can still be possible during November, March, and April. Snow-free sand dunes during this season offer ideal sandboarding opportunities and a comfortable weather that isn't harsh on the skin. Show more

Where are the best sandboarding locations in New Zealand?

New Zealand has several sandboarding sites, the best of which are Lake Wainamu Black Sand Dunes, which is about 40 minutes away from Central Auckland. The Te Paki Sand dunes, Hokianga Sand Dunes, Ahipara, Bay of Islands, and Queensland offer good quality sandboarding experiences. Sandboarding lovers can select from these scenic locations to experience a thrilling sandboarding activity. Show more

How do you steer the board while sandboarding?

While sandboarding in New Zealand, the method of steering depends on the board used. Shifting the weight on the front or back of the board will turn the board if using a bodyboard. For standing on a board, steering is done by shifting weight sideways with your feet or turning your upper body in the direction you desire. Balance is key while steering the board for a smooth sandboarding experience. Show more

What kind of clothing and equipment is recommended for sandboarding?

Recommended clothing for sandboarding experiences in New Zealand is light and comfortable, covering your skin with long sleeves and pants to avoid sand rash. Sunglasses with UV protection, closed-toe shoes or sandals with straps for ankle support will also come in handy. Sandboards can be rented on site or brought by experienced sandboarders including wax for better speed and maneuverability. Show more

Are there any age restrictions or requirements for sandboarding in New Zealand?

Sandboarding in New Zealand isn’t restricted by age. However, younger children should be supervised. Sandboarding can be physically demanding, requiring adequate fitness to take part. To participate in sandboarding, it is recommended that interested persons check with sandboarding operators if there are specific requirements such as minimum height or weight. Show more

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