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Slingshot Ibiza

Your stomach may drop as you are hurled up and down in a huge catapult

It's hardly possible not to scream insanely when a giant slingshot throws you abruptly into the air. All your internals first drop to the bottom of your stomach as you rush upwards, and then suddenly come up to your throat as you fall back down. You may even buy the video record of yourself and look it with your friends back home to feel a glimpse of the experience and thrill again and again. The attraction is open at San Antonio Bay from May to mid-October.

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What can be said about Slingshot Ibiza?

With its immense speed, Slingshot Ibiza is a popular giant slingshot ride attraction located in San Antonio Bay, Ibiza. Passengers are securely strapped in before being propelled up and down in the air, providing for an exhilarating experience. Adrenaline junkies are especially drawn to the attraction. It's worth noting that there's nothing else like it in Ibiza. Show more

When is the best time of the year to experience the Slingshot attraction in Ibiza?

To experience the Slingshot attraction in Ibiza, it's best to visit during the period from May to mid-October. During this period, the Slingshot is available, and the weather is warm and sunny. Most tourists visit Ibiza during this season, and the site is usually open in the evenings to avoid the scorching sun and heat. Please note that long queues should be expected during peak periods. Show more

What is the location of the Slingshot Ibiza attraction?

San Antonio Bay in the Spanish Island of Ibiza is home to Slingshot Ibiza, the giant slingshot attraction. The area has become a popular destination among tourists due to its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. The Slingshot attraction is located in the vicinity of bars, restaurants, and shops, and near the beach. Show more

What is the maximum height and duration of the Slingshot ride, respectively?

Within roughly two minutes, the Slingshot Ibiza ride takes passengers 60 meters in the air, giving them a panoramic view of San Antonio Bay and beyond. The ride is very fast; riders can feel the adrenaline rush within seconds as they experience weightlessness from being rocketed into the sky then dropped faster than gravity. The ride provides for an exciting experience in terms of height and speed. Show more

Are there age requirements or health restrictions for people who want to ride the Slingshot?

The Slingshot ride comes with age and health restrictions. Passengers must weigh between 45 kg to 110 kg and possess no signs of drug or alcohol influence. Pregnant women, people with heart conditions or high blood pressure, and those with neck or back injuries are not recommended to ride. Children are permitted but must be accompanied by adults of high visibility and can be barred if deemed dangerous by ride operators, though no official age restriction exists. Show more

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