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Springfest or Frühlingsfest Munich 2024

The Munich Spring Festival offers a giant flea market, traditional performances, and even a beer beauty contest

Dates: April 19-May 5, 2024

Springfest or Frühlingsfest Munich
Springfest or Frühlingsfest Munich

Spring in Bavaria is welcomed by Frühlingsfest or Springfest. Every year, for two weeks at the end of April and the beginning of May, Theresienwiese becomes the centre of attention as one of the brightest Munich festivals storms in. This event is quite similar to Oktoberfest, especially because it is held in the same place. But it is much smaller with only tens of thousands of visitors. You can enjoy the fantastic opening day, a parade, fairground rides, live music performances, contests and a car show, firework displays, and lots of other attractions.

The opening ceremony takes place in the Hippodrome-Festzelt, where the first keg is tapped at 4 p.m. The entrance to the festival grounds and all the tents are free of charge. The festival features some special attractions. One of the most famous is a huge flea market, usually held on the first Saturday of the festival. Thousands of vendors open early in the morning and sell everything you can imagine. Lots of buyers search for the best bargains and enjoy their time shopping here. Tuesdays are "family days" with the prices being lowered for all attractions like the Ferris wheel (Riesenrad), ghost train (Geisterbahn), or Europe’s longest portable slide—the Münchner Rutschn. Friday evenings are for the big fireworks. There are also days when visitors can pay for everything with Deutschmarks.

The beer beauty contest is only for girls born and raised in Bavaria. Check out the beautiful traditional costumes, called Trachen. Local people come to show off their Dirndl and Lederhose as well. Folk music and dances entertain the visitors with joyful performances. On the last day of the festival, a vintage car exhibition takes place.

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