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Floating Beer Garden (Isar Floßfahrt) in Munich 2024

Enjoy a journey on a traditional raft with music, dancing, and lots of fun

Best time: May–mid-September

Floating Beer Garden (Isar Floßfahrt)
Floating Beer Garden (Isar Floßfahrt)
Floating Beer Garden (Isar Floßfahrt)

River rafting in Bavaria has a long history dating back to the 12th century. It was the main mode of transportation for goods and people. In those times a trip on the river Isar could take you as far as Vienna or Budapest. Starting from the 19th century these rafts became a tourist attraction. Nowadays it is a great summer activity. The ride starts in Wolfratshausen, on the outskirts of Munich, and ends in München-Thalkirchen.

This trip is not only about a nice way to spend a day on water, but also entertainment. As you travel down the Isar river accompanied by musicians, beer, and snacks you also discover the Bavarian lifestyle in the completely new way. You can sing, dance, or just enjoy the landscapes on your way. The raft itself looks just the same as it did hundreds of years ago—a huge 18-ton wooden platform made of logs held together with cables. The raft is controlled by two paddlers in the front and in back. The knowledge of making and operating such vessels was passed from generation to generation, thus only a few families nowadays continue this tradition. The whole journey takes about 6 hours and is 30 km and includes 3 raft slides with an elevation difference from 9 to 18 metres. One of the slides is the longest in Europe. But generally, it is more about fun and enjoying the day with a stop for lunch among nature, good music, and beer.

Practical info

What is the ideal time of the year to enjoy the Floating Beer Garden in Munich?

It is advised to book in advance and plan carefully for the Floating Beer Garden in Munich as it is a popular attraction. The best time to experience it is between May and mid-September when the weather is warm and pleasant. The Floating Beer Garden in Munich is a summer activity loved by both locals and tourists that showcases the beauty of the Isar River and the Bavarian lifestyle. Show more

From where does the rafting trip along the Isar River commence?

The rafting trip along the Isar River commences in Wolfratshausen which lies just outside Munich. The unique wooden rafts are prepared for the journey by local raft builders at the pier in Wolfratshausen. Tourists also have time to explore the town before the journey begins. Wolfratshausen is famous for the old town, St. Lawrence statue, market, and castle which are worth seeing. Show more

What is the history behind river rafting in Bavaria?

The history behind river rafting in Bavaria dates back to the 12th century when it was the primary mode of transportation for goods and people. Through the river Isar, transportation was possible all the way to Vienna or Budapest. By the 19th century, rafting was already becoming a tourist attraction. Today, it is a fun-filled summer activity loved by locals and tourists. The raft builders continue to pass down the tradition from generation to generation. Show more

Will there be any halts during the rafting trip for nature exploration and swimming?

While rafting along the Isar River, tourists can enjoy various stops for lunch, drinking beer, and appreciating nature reserves such as the Isarauen reserves. There are raft slides along the way, including the longest in Europe, adding to the excitement of the trip. Tourists can also choose to take a swim in the Isar River, but the water is cold and the current is strong, and they must be careful. Show more

Who operates and steers the raft? How?

The 18-ton wooden raft uses two paddlers, one in the front and the other in the back, to steer and control it. The raft is guided using long wooden poles that the paddlers insert into the riverbed. The logs are held together with cables and are prepared by experienced raft builders. Only a few families continue to execute the tradition of raft builders nowadays, making the activity an exceptional experience. Show more

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