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Los Angeles Beer Festival 2023

Drink the night away at this unique beer fest

Los Angeles Beer Festival
Los Angeles Beer Festival
Annual Beer Festival in Los Angeles
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Having been held for more than ten years, this annual beer festival is a one-of-a-kind event with lots of entertainment options. Visitors from Los Angeles and all of California come to the festival to enjoy craft beer & cider, delicious local street food, and incredible live music.

The administration has invited over 800 breweries, 15 food vendors, and numerous local and famous live bands. Some of the most popular breweries include East Brother Beer Co., 101 Cider House, Paperback Brewing company, and many others. All these beer vendors offer a huge variety of drinks for any taste.

There are two ticket options. The first one is obviously “general admission,” costing $50, and the other one is worth as much as $90—it gives you certain VIP privileges, like a festival T-shirt or access to limited beer kinds. Please keep in mind that this event isn’t a kid-friendly event, since all attendees must be over the age of 21. The Los Angeles Beer Festival is held at the Los Angeles Center Studios, and there is a parking lot nearby—check out the event’s official website for more details.

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