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Patterson Park Brewfest 2022

Have an amazing weekend at this unique craft beer festival


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This one-of-a-kind craft beer event offers a variety of activities for everyone. So whether you're a beer enthusiast or just a food & picnic lover, you'll find something to do at this festival.

Patterson Park Brewfest takes place in Baltimore's best backyard—Patterson Park. It's a huge area with lots of greenery. The park's territory is big enough to fit thousands of people coming to Baltimore for this celebration of beer culture.

The event administration has invited numerous beer vendors, who will present over 40 kinds of the delicious craft drink. You'll also have a chance to talk to them, asking them questions about how beer is made and served. In addition to the drink part of the festival's menu, visitors can also enjoy all sorts of tasty food. There will be many restaurants and food trucks to calm your hunger. After the mouthwatering feast, you'll be able to listen to amazing musicians at a live concert. So follow the event's official website for upcoming details about tickets.

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