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High Country Beer Fest 2023

Join over 1500 beer lovers at High Country Beer Fest and learn more about the craft brewing industry

Join over 1500 beer lovers at High Country Beer Fest, a celebration of high-quality craft beer, ciders, and other delicious brews. This amazing festival is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. In fact, High Country Beer Fest is more than just a chance to try out different beers. The festival was founded by a few local brewers and Appalachian State University Chemistry professors who wished to organize an event that could communicate the creativity and depth of the craft brewing industry. And they made their dream come true.

At High Country Beer Fest, you get an opportunity to sample craft beverages from over 35 unique breweries. What’s more, the event features live music, plenty of mouth-watering food, and free fermentation seminars to learn about fermented foods from all over the world. We suggest you check the official website in the External Resources section below to get more detailed information. Also, feel free to use the map below showing the best accommodations nearby.

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