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Richmond Oktoberfest 2022

This brew fest in Virginia has a little something in store for you


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This beer festival in Richmond is one of the oldest beer events in the state and possibly the whole country. It’s been held for over 50 years, and it still continues to surprise true beer lovers from all around the world.

In many ways, Richmond Oktoberfest aims to honor old German traditions. With numerous engaging activities, it offers entertainment options for any taste. On the Old Dominion Building territory at Richmond Raceway, the event’s administration hosts top masters of the industry. This way, you’ll be able to relish some of the finest beer kinds, an excellent selection of wines, and tons of authentic German foods. Visitors will also enjoy delicious local pretzels, pancakes, and other delicious masterpieces. In addition, there will be plenty of souvenir stands to choose from at the festival. So book your accommodation in advance and have a nice time!

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