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Vancouver Craft Beer & Wine Fest 2023

Not your typical beer festival

This craft beer and wine festival in Vancouver, Washington state, is a unique event, featuring lots of fun activities. Let’s see what the administration has prepared for us.

Food and drinks

The organizers have invited many brewmasters to surprise visitors with the finest drinks. Specifically, there will be over 60 kinds of craft cider and beer and over 100 sorts of wine. Famous brewers from Elemental Hard Cider, Fortside Brewing, Belching Beaver, and many other brands will show how true beer is made and offer delicious samples. There will even be a “beer village” zone, so be sure to check it out. As for the wine tastings, they are also on the list: the “wine country” area will give you access to the best craft wines from Matranga Vineyards, Burley Mountain Winery, Mermosa, and many others.

Fun fact: the festival’s beverage menu isn’t limited to low-alcohol drinks only. In addition to unique suds and wine, you’ll also be able to taste delicious bourbon, whiskey, and strong craft cocktails.

Of course, your drink journey will be accompanied by savory food from local vendors. There will be an immense variety of food samples, snacks, and fully-fledged meals, so remember to check the food area.

Live music

There is no true beer fest without a live music concert, and this event’s organizers know it. For this reason, they have arranged a dedicated music area and invited numerous local bands to accompany your gastronomic adventure.


As for tickets, the price range is pretty broad. The cheapest ticket is $30, and the most expensive one is worth $199. The price depends on the services included as well as on the number of days on which you attend the festival. But generally, there is a ticket option for anyone. For more details, visit the official website.

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