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Strong Beer Fest or Starkbierfest 2024

Try this very special 'strong beer' or 'Starkbier' in German brewed by Munich's monks for centuries. The tradition is still alive and the best breweries in Munich invite visitors to taste their special potent brews during the Strong Beer Fest

Dates: March 1–24, 2024

Strong Beer Fest or Starkbierfest

Spring in Munich brings one more great beer celebration—the 'Starkbierfest'—Munich’s Strong Beer Festival. It takes place for a few weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter. During this period you can taste some of Germany's most potent brews from top breweries. The variety of tastes is huge, but one thing unites them—an alcohol content over 7%.

German beer is famous for its quality. The Purity law ensures that everything you drink contains only water, malt, hops, and yeast. Strong beers are extremely popular during the spring season as it is still cold outside and these drinks are malty and warming.

The tradition of brewing these special beers dates back to the 16th century from Paulaner monks. They brewed a special beer called ‘Holy Father Beer’ during the Lent because it had more calories. They also called this stuff 'Flüssiges Brot' (liquid bread) as it helped to survive 40 days of fasting with full belly and a good mood. Bavarian rulers also joined in the tapping of the first strong beer kegs in the Middle Ages. And the first public beer festival was established in 1751. Part of the Starkbierfest is the comedy show called Derblecken, which occurs at Nockherberg a day before the festivities and mocks local politicians.

The event is held at the Paulaner am Nockherberg festival hall. It is quite spacious and usually filled with younger people, as the entrance fee isn't expensive. This location will put you in the festive mood and showcase some great beer. Starkbierfest also features lots of music, dancing, shows, and good food.

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