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Moomin World and Moomin Place

A journey to the Moomins may bring lots of pleasant memories from childhood

Moomin World and Moomin Place in Finland 2019 - Best Time
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Do you like stories and cartoons about Moomins? There is a real place where you can visit them—a lighthouse island, Söderskär. Many believe that it is the place described in the book Moominpappa and the Sea.

Söderskär Lighthouse 2019
Söderskär Lighthouse

The island is around a 2-hour boat trip from Helsinki. You can come for a day trip or even stay for the night.

Another Moomin-themed park dedicated to Tove Jansson characters is Moomin World. It is also located in the sea, on the Kailo Island near the town of Naantali. Its main attraction is the blue Moomin house, where children can roam freely. The park features lots of interesting activities for all ages.

Moomin World and Moomin Place in Finland - Best Season 2019

Both Moomin locations operate during the summer starting from early June till late in August.

Best time for Moomin World and Moomin Place in Finland 2019