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Moomin World and Moomin Place in Finland

A journey to the Moomins may bring lots of pleasant memories from childhood

Best time: June–August

Moomin World and Moomin Place
Moomin World and Moomin Place
Moomin World and Moomin Place
Moomin World and Moomin Place

Do you like stories and cartoons about Moomins? There is a real place where you can visit them—a lighthouse island, Söderskär. Many believe that it is the place described in the book Moominpappa and the Sea.

The island is around a 2-hour boat trip from Helsinki. You can come for a day trip or even stay for the night.

Another Moomin-themed park dedicated to Tove Jansson characters is Moomin World. It is also located in the sea, on the Kailo Island near the town of Naantali. Its main attraction is the blue Moomin house, where children can roam freely. The park features lots of interesting activities for all ages.

Both Moomin locations operate during the summer starting from early June till late in August.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Moomin World and Moomin Place?

The ideal months to visit Moomin World is during the summertime, which begins from early June and runs to late August. This is due to the fact that the Moomin-themed destinations usually operate seasonally and cater to tourists and visitors during the summer holiday period. Show more

Where is Moomin World located in Finland?

Kailo Island is home to Moomin World, which is situated close to Naantali. The seaside-oriented Moomin-themed park presents the Blue Moomin House attraction as the main highlight. You can conveniently reach the island by regular bus or car, or alternatively choose to board the Moomin Waterbus operating between Turku or Naantali. Show more

What can I do at Moomin World and Moomin Place?

Moomin's house is among the places you can visit within Moomin World, along with other character dwellings such as Snufkin and Little My. Other attractions include the availability of Moomin characters around the park, from Stinky to Hemulen. As for Moomin Place located on Söderskär Island, you can participate in a group tour of the lighthouse, swim in the sea, or have a picnic with your family and friends. Show more

How long does it take to travel from Helsinki to Söderskär and Kailo Island?

The estimated travel duration to Kailo Island or Söderskär Island from Helsinki is about two hours. To avoid rushing your trip, you can select a tour boat from both islands or stay overnight on the island to explore more. Show more

Are there accommodation options available on Söderskär and Kailo Island?

Söderskär and Kailo Island have limited lodging options, but staying overnight is feasible if you wish to explore more. On Kailo Island, you can select from various holiday apartments or villas available for rent, while Söderskär Island has a comfortable guesthouse that offers complimentary breakfast. Show more

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