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Adrenaline lover should try downhill longboarding on beautiful, steep and dangerous mountain roads of Norway


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Norwegian roads are recognized as the best in Europe for longboard riding. This activity is exciting for both, participants and spectators. It's not for kids or the fainthearted because this board speeds up to 100 km/h.

If you are up for the challenge, you can ride a longboard on a 30% grade slope with thirty hairpins. For example, Titan’s Path is one of these extreme serpentine roads, which is greatly admired for its breathtaking views. Waterfalls with crystal blue water welcome the brave, winding their way down to the beautiful Nærøy Valley in Stalheimskleiva Road. The Atlantic Ocean Road is for beginners, but its beauty is not less impressive. Smooth lines of roads and bridges on the carpet of bright green grass help to relax after the ride.

If you wish to attend longboard races, such as Veko Bonanza or Norwegian Cup at Skjervet, the most active time is the end of June and early July. But the season for longboarding lasts throughout the summer until the weather in the mountains deteriorates and there is heavy rain or snow.

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