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Longboarding in Norway 2024

Adrenaline lover should try downhill longboarding on beautiful, steep and dangerous mountain roads of Norway

Best time: June–August


Norwegian roads are recognized as the best in Europe for longboard riding. This activity is exciting for both, participants and spectators. It's not for kids or the fainthearted because this board speeds up to 100 km/h.

If you are up for the challenge, you can ride a longboard on a 30% grade slope with thirty hairpins. For example, Titan’s Path is one of these extreme serpentine roads, which is greatly admired for its breathtaking views. Waterfalls with crystal blue water welcome the brave, winding their way down to the beautiful Nærøy Valley in Stalheimskleiva Road. The Atlantic Ocean Road is for beginners, but its beauty is not less impressive. Smooth lines of roads and bridges on the carpet of bright green grass help to relax after the ride.

If you wish to attend longboard races, such as Veko Bonanza or Norwegian Cup at Skjervet, the most active time is the end of June and early July. But the season for longboarding lasts throughout the summer until the weather in the mountains deteriorates and there is heavy rain or snow.

Practical info

When is the best time to go longboarding in Norway?

To get the most enjoyable longboarding experience, choose Norway's best season from June to August when the weather is stable, and there is plenty of daylight to explore scenic longboarding routes. Several longboarding events and races also take place in Norway during this season, making it a good time to participate or watch as a fan. Show more

Where can I find the best longboarding locations in Norway?

Norway offers plenty of ideal longboarding spots, and mountain roads are the most desirable locations for adventurous riders. The most popular routes include the Titan's Path with hairpins and a slope of 30%, Stalheimskleiva Road catering steep slopes overlooking waterfalls and valleys. Two other excellent options are Sognefjellet and Dombås. The Atlantic Ocean Road is a great location for beginners and riders who need to relax after a long day of exciting downhill longboarding. Show more

How fast can you go on a longboard in Norway?

Longboard riders can achieve speeds of up to 100 km/h on steep mountain slopes in Norway. Some of the more experienced riders go even faster. However, it is crucial to ride safely. Factors like the slope's grade, wind, traffic, and other conditions must be considered before achieving high velocities. Longboarders must wear essential protective gear such as leather suits, slide gloves, and full-face helmets to prevent injuries. Show more

When are the popular longboarding races held in Norway?

Towards the end of June and early July, there are two longboarding events that serious enthusiasts must attend: Veko Bonanza and the Norwegian Cup held in Skjervet. These are annual events that feature some of Norway's best riders, with an assortment of challenging routes. It's a great event to participate in or share with other like-minded longboarders while pushing boundaries. Show more

What safety measures should I take when longboarding on steep mountain roads?

Longboarding on steep mountain roads in Norway is hazardous, requiring specific safety measures. It's vital to have proper gear such as full-face helmets, slide gloves, and leather suits. Riders must research beforehand and investigate potential hazards like loose gravel, cracks, or sudden turns that may cause accidents. They must practice beforehand and ensure they can maintain board control and practice with experienced riders if exploring new routes. Avoid longboarding alone, and always travel with someone who knows the area. Show more

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