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Storm Watching in Tofino in British Columbia

A natural phenomenon of impressive scale

Best time: November–February

Storm Watching in Tofino
Storm Watching in Tofino

Lashing waves, giant swells, and gale force winds! This is high time to experience the fury of a West Coast winter storm on Vancouver Island. Whether you decide to watch the seabirds dancing in the wind from the comfort of your fireplace or to bundle up and join them, winter storms are the jaw-dropping experience of a lifetime. Although it is possible to witness a storm or two in late October or early March, the most reliable time to enjoy the bad weather in the Pacific Rim or Tofino area is from November through late February.

Storm watching is a special attraction in these parts. Imagine being able to see giant waves coming over 6000 km from Japan! You will be able to see them building up and colliding just in front of your eyes.

Full rain gear is provided in most hotels or guest rooms. Rubber boots are also available, so you can enjoy your walk through the rainforest or on the beach in comfort. There are even rain gear drying units available at the Driftwood Café where you can turn on the boot dryer, hang up whatever is wet, and enjoy soothing hot cocoa, coffee or tea, while you sit by a crackling wood fire. Within 15 minutes, you'll be ready to face the elements again!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tofino for storm watching?

To experience the bad weather in the Pacific Rim or Tofino area, it is advisable to visit between November and late February. Visitors can witness storms during other months, but November through late February offers the most reliable time for storm watching. Show more

Can I witness giant waves coming from Japan while storm watching in Tofino?

During storm watching in Tofino, visitors can see giant waves coming from Japan over 6000 km away. The waves collide after building up, creating an incredible visual experience. Those who witness this phenomenon are always mesmerized. Show more

Where can I find rubber boots to wear during storm watching?

Most guest rooms and hotels in Tofino provide rubber boots to their visitors for walks on the beach or through the rainforest. In addition, local shops sell rubber boots for visitors who wish to purchase their own. This ensures a comfortable and convenient experience while exploring Tofino. Show more

What are some other activities to do besides storm watching in Tofino during the winter?

In addition to storm watching, visitors to Tofino during the winter can enjoy whale watching, guided hikes through the forest, trips to hot springs, and exploring the beaches. Local restaurants, art galleries, and shops are other fantastic options. There is something for everyone in Tofino. Show more

When is the rainy season in Tofino and how does it affect storm watching?

The rainy season in Tofino usually falls in November and December, which is the best time to witness storms. Visitors may find it challenging to see the storms during this period due to the rain, but it makes the experience even more impressive. Full rain gear is essential to stay dry and enjoy the wild nature of Tofino. Show more

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