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Elephant Racing Festival 2023

People of Tay Nguyen treat elephants as friends that help with everything around


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The annual racing festival taking place during the third lunar month in Tay Nguyen is not a typical one. Here the racing animals are not horses, dogs or rabbits. The animals that race for the championship are elephants. The event is full of adrenaline rush, so book your tickets and come to watch it.

It starts in Buon Don district of Don Village (Ban Don) with the elephant race, games like football and tug of war, then the elephants participate in the swimming competition in Serepok River. At the end of the festive day, all festival goers mass at Ban Don’s community house for feasting, drinking stem wine, and dancing in a jubilant atmosphere with the boisterous sound of gongs and drums. Colourfully decorated, trained elephants are celebrated for their tremendous help to humans.

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