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International Donkey Race 2023

Visitors get a chance to hop on a donkey and speed up in Tisno or Tribunj during the annual donkey race

Dates: August 1, 2023

International Donkey Race
International Donkey Race

Donkey Race that is held in a small coastal town of Tisno or Tribunj can become one of the funniest moments of any vacation. Donkeys are pretty stubborn and refuse to race while frustrated "jockeys" do all they can to make the animal move.

Tisno has been traditionally known for olive oil and wine production. Donkeys were commonly used in agriculture to help move the harvested crops to the storage or market. To mark their historical role donkey race is held annually to the amusement of numerous visitors and locals.

Maybe the race is not as deeply rooted in cultural traditions as Palio del Casale in Naples and Pompeii, but, well, it is fun and it draws quite a crowd of supporters!

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