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Zagreb Christmas Market 2019

The spirit of Advent and entertainment for the whole family in the central of medieval city


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Zagreb may not enjoy frost and snow in December, nevertheless, it definitely demonstrated real Christmas atmosphere during this special time of the year. The range of goods and foods sold here can compete with the famous Christmas markets in Berlin.

Christmas tree in Zagreb 2020
Christmas tree in Zagreb
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Since the end of December, you can visit a festive fair, see a diverse music and dance program in Zrinjevac Park and Ban Josip Jelačić square. If you visit Tomićeva Street, you will be taken back into the 1950s with retro food and cultural programme. And don't forget to try delicious Croatian Christmas special—sweet Medenjaci cookies.

Zagreb Christmas Market in Croatia - Best Season 2020

Take a stroll through European Square, a pedestrian area in the very center of Zagreb featuring an atmospheric market with dozens of souvenir and Christmas decorations stalls. There is also plenty of delicious food and wine to choose from. In the evenings, the market is especially charming with colorful illumination and live music. Another great Christmas venue is the Ice Park on King Tomislav Square. An ice skating rink is surrounded by a Christmas fairy tale. The park also features holiday performances and music events.

Best time for Zagreb Christmas Market in Croatia 2020
Best time to see Zagreb Christmas Market in Croatia 2020
Best time for Zagreb Christmas Market 2020
Best time to see Zagreb Christmas Market 2020

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