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Hallstatt Christmas Market 2023

A single-day romantic fair in one of the world's most photographed towns!

Marktplatz Hallstatt is the top draw for locals and visitors of the picturesque alpine Hallstatt, the UNESCO World Heritage town in Salzkammergut. Seeing it during the Advent season in Austria promises an exceptional "White Christmas" experience that will stay etched in your memory. Try to plan your trip for early December to join bustling crowds during a day-long Hallstatt Christmas Market.

There's something magical about this holiday fair, flanked by the colorful 16th-century cottages, breathing history, and lofty snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. Take your time strutting amidst dozens of festive kiosks, peddling unique Christmas gifts and treats. Enjoy the air thick with the delectable smells of mulled wine, Christmas punch, bratwurst sausages, spicy smoked fish from Lake Hallstatt, and mouth-watering cookies. Lastly, check out the centerpiece of the Hallstatt Christmas Market at its stunning Christmas tree and a 3-D nativity scene hand-made by a local carpentry school.

We strongly recommend visiting the Market Square in Hallstatt during this pre-Christmas extravaganza, running from 10 am through 6:30 pm. But if you can't make it to Hallstatt Christmas Market, don't get too upset, as the Marktplatz Hallstatt always has something on the bill. Come Easter, this place hosts the Hallstatt Corpus Christi procession; in summer, the site turns into a concert venue; late July is known for a huge children's party in the square. Beyond events and festivities, Marktplatz Hallstatt is home to quaint cafes, restaurants, and motels, operating year-round. So, plan your Hallstatt getaway and book a stay nearby to have quick access to such a vibrant spot.

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