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South Coast Surfing in Taiwan

Once you've had the best of East Coast, head South

Best time: July–October

South Coast Surfing
South Coast Surfing
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After crowded Taipei and other big cities, the southern coast of Taiwan may seem like heaven. Jialeshuei, South Bay, PD Spot (Windmill), Nanwan or Jinzun Harbor are here for your attention. Deserted white sandy beaches, corals and national parks with lush greenery attract many visitors. Many of those are surfers chasing the swell coming from South East. The best season here is summer so many surfers move south after they are done with East Coast in March.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the south coast of Taiwan for surfing?

The prime time for surfing on the south coast of Taiwan is from July to October. At this time, the wave frequency is consistent, and the ocean temperature is pleasantly warm. It's usually sunny during these months, and there often aren't too many people on the beaches, making it a perfect time for people to have fun surfing and admire nature. Show more

Where are the best surfing spots on the south coast of Taiwan?

Numerous fantastic surfing spots are available for enthusiasts in the southern coastal areas of Taiwan. Some of the popular ones include South Bay, Nanwan, PD Spot (Windmill), Jialeshuei, and Jinzun Harbor. Each spot has its unique features and waves, with some benign ones ideal for beginners while others have powerful and challenging waves for experienced surfers to savor. Show more

How are the crowd levels on the south coast of Taiwan during the surfing season?

Surfers frequent the southern coastal areas of Taiwan between July and October, which is the peak surfing season. Despite the influx of surfers during these months, the area is less crowded than the East Coast. It's a more calm and peaceful experience for surfers, but they should be aware of other surfers and show proper caution to everyone in the water. Show more

What is the water temperature like, and what type of wetsuit is recommended for surfing in the area?

Water temperatures during summer and fall months in the southern coastal region of Taiwan vary from 26-29 degrees Celsius, allowing surfers to wear boardshorts or shorty wetsuits. Specialists still recommend a minimum of 2mm thickness for wetsuits to prevent sunburn, jellyfish stings, and reef scrapes. Suppose you're surfing during winter months, wear full wetsuits with thickness ranging from 3-4 mm for warmth. Show more

Are there any specific safety precautions that surfers should be aware of while surfing on the south coast of Taiwan?

The south coast of Taiwan creates hazardous surfing scenarios with strong currents and powerful shore break. It's best to stay familiar with the spots, tides and avoid surfing near rocks or reef. Be cautious of jellyfish and corals and wear a leash and surf with a chum for added safety in emergencies. To increase overall safety awareness and strengthen surfing skills, seeking surf lessons is highly advisable. Show more

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