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Scuba Diving in Guatemala

The underwater wealth of Guatemala's basins includes abundant flora and fauna, ship wrecks, and entire ancient​ settlements

Best time: December–May

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

Though there are not so many diving spots in Guatemala, they offer quite an amusing and versatile underwater adventure. A fascinating hotspot may be the ancient crater lake set amidst towering volcanoes and mountains known as Lago de Atitlán. It contains so much to discover—from an entire Mayan village believed to have sunk around 1000 years ago along with the island it was set on, to the submerged lava formations, trees, and other plants, fish, crabs, and even a vertical swim-thru. Lago de Izabal is another diving destination in Guatemala.

Apart from lakes, the country offers diving along the Pacific and Carribean coastlines. The famous Chinese Boat or El Barco Chino and several other wrecks can be found near the south coast around Las Lisas. Additionally, you will be able to see both dolphins and whales.

As to the diving conditions, the lakes are cold but provide greater visibility while coastal diving is warmer but with limited visibility, especially during the wet season. In general, diving is possible year-round in tropic​al Guatemala, but the most favourable season is December through May.

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What makes diving in Guatemala unique?

Guatemala's diving is unique not only because it is home to several submerged Mayan villages and artifacts like those in Lago de Atitlán and Lago de Izabal, but it also features various fish, crabs, and even a vertical swim-thru. Moreover, there are several diving spots along the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, including shipwrecks like the Chinese Boat or El Barco Chino in Las Lisas. Diving enthusiasts will surely enjoy exploring the country's rich and diverse marine life. Show more

When is the best time for comfortable diving in Guatemala?

Diving in Guatemala is possible year-round, but the best time for comfortable diving is from December to May. During this period, the water temperature is just right, visibility is better, and the climate is less rainy. If you prefer to dive in the wet season, which is from June to November, you can still do so, but expect limited visibility, especially along the coastal areas. Show more

What submerged Mayan artifacts can be found in Guatemala?

Guatemala boasts several submerged Mayan villages and artifacts in its diving spots, including an entire Mayan village that sank around 1000 years ago in Lago de Atitlán. Lago de Izabal also has submerged artifacts to explore. These artifacts attest to the richness of the Mayan civilization in Guatemala and are perfect for history buffs or anyone who wants to explore unique underwater wonders in the country. Show more

Where are Guatemala's shipwrecks located?

Las Lisas in the southern coast of Guatemala is the best place to find shipwrecks, including the famous Chinese Boat or El Barco Chino, which lies on the sandy ocean floor. Aside from the most popular wreck, there are several others to check out in the area's tropical waters, and adventure seekers will undoubtedly enjoy the exciting exploration of the diverse marine life and underwater treasures that await them. Show more

What is the temperature like in Guatemala's diving spots?

Water temperature varies in Guatemala's diving spots depending on the location. Diving in the lakes may feel colder but comes with greater visibility, while coastal diving offers warm water, albeit with reduced visibility, especially during the wet season. The water temperature ranges from 22°C (72°F) to 28°C (82°F), providing comfortable year-round diving, but wearing a wetsuit is still advisable, primarily for those who feel more sensitive to cold temperatures. Show more

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