Best season to travel to Guatemala

Zapote Mamey, Chico Zapote, and Mamey

Zapote season brings lots of delights from natural chewing gum to smoothies, fruit punch, and other fruit delicacies

Best time: November–March

Zapote Mamey, Chico Zapote, and Mamey

It is difficult to compare the flavor to just one or two other fruits as the taste is similar to peach, apricot, cantaloupe, cherry, pumpkin, sweet potato, almond, and honey all combined! Guatemala boasts a great variety of exotic tropical fruits belonging to the zapotilla family including mamey, zapote mamey, chico zapote, and caimito. The main feature of the fruits is a mixture of sweet and tangy notes, whereas the flesh colour may vary from yellow to orange and terracotta. The fruits are eaten fresh, made into fruit punch, smoothies, ice cream pops, and jams, and chico zapote provides chicle which is a natural chewing gum. This delicious fruit season lasts from​ November through March, and some varieties may be found year-round.

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