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Tripoli Road in New Hampshire

Tranquil camping in the White Mountains

Best time: mid-May–October

Tripoli Road
Tripoli Rd, Lincoln
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Tripoli Road NH, also known as Forest Road 30, is a charming narrow pass running through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The surface of Tripoli Road has paved and unpaved sections, both in excellent condition. The drive turns into the dirt only when you reach the summit of the Thornton Gap. It's the perfect road trip destination with multiple hiking opportunities. Moreover, you also have a chance to drive along picturesque Mount Washington Auto Road which is 90 min drive from the Tripoli Road location.

When is Tripoli Road open

The road closes in winter. The best time to visit is during the roadside camping season that runs from mid-May to October. During the fall foliage, the place becomes incredibly charming around the Russell Pond and Talford Brook Cascades. However, the road might be closed even during its peak season due to many issues, including bears visiting camps. Therefore, check the updates on White Mountain National Forest Facebook page.

Tripoli Road Camping

A large number of campsites along the road allows you to enjoy the wilderness of nature truly. Among the best campsites: Russell Pond, Osceola Vista Campground, Waterville Valley Campground, Campton Campground, etc.

Tripoli Road directions

The drive runs from the town of Woodstock in Grafton County to the Waterville Valley. It is 13.4 mi (21.6 km) long with no steep sections, even though it climbs up towards the Thornton Gap. The latter is a pass in the White Mountains with an elevation of 1,519 ft (462 m) above sea level.

Tripoli Road entrance fees

To enter the territory, you need to buy an entrance pass. The rates are set per vehicle and vary depending on the weekday. Thus, for a mid-week period, you’ll pay around $20, and for weekends—$25. After covering the fees, feel free to organize your camp, chop wood, make bonfires, and enjoy the tranquility of the White Mountains.

Practical info

When is Tripoli Road open?

Tripoli Road is accessible during peak camping season from mid-May to October. Although it may close for maintenance or animal disturbances. Look up *White Mountain National Forest* Facebook page for the latest news on openings and closings. Show more

What are the best campsites along Tripoli Road?

Several campsites along the Tripoli Road include Russell Pond, Osceola Vista Campground, Waterville Valley Campground, and Campton Campground. But, ensure you bring required gear, food, and read safety protocols on official websites for a relaxing and secure experience. Show more

What is the elevation of Thornton Gap?

With a 1,519 ft (462 m) height above sea level, Thornton Gap is a gentle incline. However, it requires to be wary while driving through the area. Before your road trip, check weather and road conditions as a safety measure. Show more

Are there any specific safety precautions to consider while camping on Tripoli Road?

Bears visit the campsites, especially during peak camping seasons. Maintaining a safe distance from the wild bears and following safety protocols such as hanging food and other items with a strong scent and disposing of trash in bear-proof containers is necessary. Read safety guidelines on a reliable website before camping. Show more

Is Tripoli Road only accessible by car?

Yes, Tripoli Road is a driving route running through the White Mountains, with a 13.4 mi (21.6 km) stretch. Plus, it drifts upwards towards the Thornton Gap. Keep your vehicle in good condition and well-stocked while traveling on this picturesque route. Show more

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