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Maloja Pass in Switzerland 2024-2025

A mountain road in the scenic Alps in southeastern Switzerland

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Maloja Pass
Maloja Pass
Maloja Pass
Maloja Pass
Maloja Pass

Maloja Pass (also Malojapass or Passo del Maloja) is located in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons), Switzerland. The road over the pass connects Silvaplana in Engadine Valley in Switzerland a little town of Chiavenna in Val Bregaglia, Province of Sondrio, Italy. With an elevation of 1,815 m (5,955 ft) above sea level at the summit, the road is open all year round, but in the winter there are frequent closures due to uncleared snow for several hours or days. For road closure updates, check the AlpenPasse website. Winter tires or snow chains are recommended during the cold season.

Maloja Pass has been used since pre-Roman times, but it became really popular in the 19th century connecting Northern Italy to the Engadin and Val Bregaglia valleys. The road features two contrasting sceneries: flat planes in the north are followed by a steep climb into the Val Bregaglia in the south. Several hairpin bends near the top make the drive especially scenic and exciting. You'll be surrounded by picturesque mountain villages, alpine meadows, mountain peaks, and glacial-fed lakes. Once on the summit, make a detour to see Lake Sils (Silsersee), the largest lake in the Engadine area, or Lägh da Cavloc (Cavlocciosee), a hidden lake with a restaurant on the shore. In Soglio village, stop to admire the view of the towering peaks of the Sciora Group.

Practical info

When can you drive through Maloja Pass?

The Maloja Pass is open throughout the year, but the pass can be closed due to snow and ice in winter, just like any other alpine road. Winter tires or snow chains are recommended for safe driving during this season, and visitors are advised to check the AlpenPasse website frequently to stay updated on road closure updates. Show more

What are the two locations that Maloja Pass connects between Switzerland and Italy?

Maloja Pass connects Silvaplana in Engadine Valley, Switzerland to Chiavenna in Val Bregaglia, Province of Sondrio, Italy. Traveling along this route takes you through beautiful alpine meadows, grand mountain peaks, and serene glacial-fed lakes and is a favorite of tourists. The drive provides ample opportunities for visitors to behold blissful mountain vistas and gorgeous views. Show more

What are some advised tips for driving during winter on Maloja Pass?

Winter driving on Maloja Pass requires carefully navigating through snow-covered and potentially slippery road conditions, and officials advise that visitors use winter tires or snow chains. Visitors should check the AlpenPasse's website regularly to get updates on closures due to prevailing weather conditions. Despite these caveats, visitors should not miss the chance to experience the breathtaking views of the alpine meadows, peaks, and valleys the Maloja Pass drive affords them. Show more

What is the backstory of Maloja Pass, and what is its significance?

Maloja Pass is an ancient pass that has been used since pre-Roman times. Its popularity peaked in the 19th century when it connected northern Italy to Val Bregaglia and Engadin valleys in Switzerland. Today, the pass has become an essential tourist destination because of its significance as one of the alpine roads that connect two countries, its historical significance, and the delightful scenery it offers during the drive through the pass. Show more

Which tourist spots are worth visiting during a Maloja Pass drive?

Tourists driving along the Maloja Pass should stop at Lake Sils, the largest lake in Engadine area just a short distance from the pass's summit. Visitors can take a detour to Lägh da Cavloc, a hidden lake with a restaurant on its shore, and observe the towering peak of the Sciora Group at Soglio village. The breathtaking views of the alpine meadows, valleys, and mountain peaks visible while driving the pass make the drive itself worthwhile. Show more

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