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Mount Bierstadt in Colorado

Conquering the mountain of such size is a must for every hiker in Colorado

Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt

Mount Bierstadt is one of the Chicago Peaks in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It has an impressive height of 14,065 ft (4,287 m) and is located in the Mount Evans Wilderness of Pike National Forest, not far from Georgetown in Clear Creek County. The mountain was named after a painter Albert Bierstadt.

Mount Bierstadt is an easy hike and one of the most accessible 14ers in the Rocky Mountains. It's also well-maintained and it close to Denver. However, it's still a 7-mile (1.126 km) 4-hour hike with a considerable climb up, so hikers need to be in good physical shape. Near the Guanella Pass, hikers can choose an easy or a more difficult route. As with most mountains in Colorado, summer is the best time to climb Mount Bierstadt.

Mount Bierstadt is located just 1.4 mi (2 km) west from Mount Evans. So from its summit, hikers can continue to nearby Mount Evans along a ridge known as The Sawtooth, but it's a more strenuous hike.

Practical info

What is the best time of the year to hike Mount Bierstadt?

Hiking Mount Bierstadt during summer (May to November) is ideal as it offers stable weather conditions and a snow-free trail. However, sudden changes in Colorado's weather make it imperative to consider early morning hikes. It ensures high chances of making it to the summit and back safely. Show more

How long does it take to hike up and down Mount Bierstadt?

Based on one's physical fitness and route taken, hiking Mount Bierstadt takes an average of 6-7 hours to summit and return. It takes around 2-3 hours to reach the summit, with an extra 2-3 hours to get down. The hike requires a full day, therefore, allocate a considerable amount of time in planning the trip. Show more

Is it necessary to be in good physical shape to hike Mount Bierstadt?

Hiking Mount Bierstadt requires good physical fitness due to the challenges posed by the altitude, weather, and length. At elevations of over 12,000 ft., hikers may experience altitude sickness, requiring them to stay hydrated and fed throughout. Prior to attempting this easy-rated hiking trail, hikers are advised to do some cardio and strength training exercises. Show more

Where is Mount Bierstadt located in Colorado?

Mount Bierstadt is located in Clear Creek County, Colorado - within the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It's approximately 1.4 mi (2 km) west of Mount Evans and offers easy access from Denver. The Guanella Pass Trailhead requires a 50-minute drive from downtown Denver, providing a beautiful scenic drive via Georgetown. Show more

Can hikers continue to climb from Mount Bierstadt to nearby Mount Evans?

Hikers can continue their climb from Mount Bierstadt and hike The Sawtooth to reach Mount Evans. This strenuous hike takes between 2-3 hours to reach the summit from Mount Bierstadt, with scrambling over steep rocky ridges. Appropriate gear and preparations are necessary for this dangerous hike. Show more

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