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Mt Hood in Oregon

A snowy peak with eleven glaciers is seen from miles away

Best time: mid-May–early October

Mt Hood
Mt Hood
Mt Hood

Mount Hood is the world's second most climbed and Oregon's tallest mountain, home to the only all-year-round ski resort in the U.S. The mountain called Wy'east by the Multnomah tribe, is a stratovolcano located in the Cascade Volcanic Arc., in 90 miles (145 km) east of Portland, Oregon. There are lots of activities here at any season. But the best weather and the most popular season at the mountain is from mid-May to early October.

Mount Hood that lies within the Mount Hood National Forest is the fourth highest peak of the Cascades Range with the height of 11,240 ft (3,426 m). In 1792 it was named after Samuel Hood, a British Admiral at the Battle of the Chesapeake. Lewis and Clark explored the mountain in 1805.

Mount Hood can be climbed along six main routes ranging from class 2 to class 5.9+. Climbers need technical ice axes, protection, and experience to make this ascent. The most popular hiking route is The Timberline Trail, which covers the entire mountain going up to 7,218 ft (2,200 m).

Meadows full of wildflowers await hikers in the summer, like beargrass, lilies, and purple lupine at Little Crater Lake. Six ski areas of Mt. Hood are popular with professional skiers. The Hood River County Fruit Loop features orchards, lavender fields, and vineyards. Alpine Lakes offer unique views and campsites.

Mt Hood Day Tours depart from the city of Portland.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Mt. Hood in Oregon?

Mid-May to early October offers pleasant weather and is the best time to visit Mt. Hood. The busiest time is summer, where hikers can walk through meadows full of wildflowers while winter offers skiing. However, Mt. Hood is a year-round destination featuring activities during any season. Show more

What are the names and levels of the main routes to climb Mt. Hood?

Mt. Hood features six different climbing routes. The Wy'east or Northeast Face and Cooper Spur are routes with the most danger and greatest length, respectively. The other sections are South Side/Old Chute, Pearly Gates, Leuthold Couloir, and Reid Glacier Headwall. If a climber wishes to attempt these routes, it is recommended to have technical ice axes, protection, and experience. Show more

Where can hikers find meadows of wildflowers on Mt. Hood?

Little Crater Lake and Paradise park are two locations on Mt. Hood to find wildflowers including beargrass, lilies, and purple lupine. This area is located at the southwest foothills and only 0.7 miles long. Visitors can experience a breathtaking view of the mountain and a relaxing hike with a picnic. Show more

What are some unique sites along the Hood River County Fruit Loop?

Experience local produce, wine, and farms on the Hood River County Fruit Loop. Visitors can see orchards, wineries, lavender farms, and stunning gardens. Noteworthy locations are Mt. Hood Winery, Fox-Tail Cider, Hood River Lavender Farm, and Stonehedge Gardens. Stonehedge Gardens provides a peaceful ambiance while enjoying a picnic and the scenery. Show more

How many ski areas are there on Mt. Hood and what types of skiers frequent them?

Mt. Hood has six ski resorts with Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows as the largest. Timberline Lodge is the only resort open all year in North America. Mt. Hood is a popular destination for professional skiers including national teams that come to train for world-class events. Besides skiing, visitors can partake in other activities such as tubing and sledding. Show more

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