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Huashan Plank Walk

One of the most dangerous and exciting hiking trails in China


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Huashan Plank Walk is a steep and narrow wooden path installed on the Eastern side of the South Peak of Mount Hua, located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi Province, about 75 mi (120 km) east of Xi'an. Tourists who dare set foot on Huashan Plank Walk have only a safety rail to clench to while walking over the abyss. The height of the wooden plank walk is about 985 feet (300 m). The best time to try this challenging activity is spring and fall, which offer the best weather conditions for hiking.

Huashan Plank Walk is about 328 ft (100 m) long, however, hikers have to walk back the same way they came, so they actually walk the trail two times. The last section of the walk is the steepest and the most dangerous. If you are not ready for the extreme experience, you can walk just on the first section, which leads to the west of Chaoyuan Caves. This trail in this section is 2 feet wide (0.7 m) and guarded with an iron fence, so it's quite safe.

The last section of Huashan Plank Walk is just 1 ft (0.3 m) wide, and hikers have to move slowly with their face against the cliff. People with a height under 4.9 ft (1.5 m) and over the age of 55 are not allowed on Huashan Plank Walk. Visitors can get to the dangerous attraction by a cable car to the West Peak and a 30-minute hike up to South Peak.

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