Best time to travel to Amalfi Coast

Bougainvillea in Amalfi Coast 2025

A colourful mix of red, purple, pink and orange is attiring the cities and landscapes of Amalfi coast

Best time: April–May


The blooming flower stretches around the streets, walls, stairways and parks. Bringing beauty to the area, bougainvillaea blooms few times a year, and often you can still witness its blooming peak until December. However, its first bloom of the year occurs in mid-spring. In case you cannot reach the Amalfi Coast, you can witness the Bougainvillea blooming in Rome and other cities around Italy.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Amalfi Coast for Bougainvillea bloom?

It is best to visit Amalfi Coast for Bougainvillea bloom from mid-April to May. The vibrant colors of the flowers create a stunning view during this time. Although the blooms last until December, this period marks the peak of the first bloom of the year. Show more

Where can I find the most beautiful display of Bougainvillea in Amalfi Coast?

The city of Positano is home to the most beautiful display of Bougainvillea in Amalfi Coast. Colorful Bougainvillea can be found on almost every building in the city. Bougainvillea watchers frequent Viale Pasitea, a street in Positano, known for the beautiful arch formed by its Bougainvillea. Show more

What other colorful flowers can I see in Amalfi Coast besides Bougainvillea?

Apart from Bougainvillea, Amalfi Coast is home to an array of flora, including Oleanders, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Roses, and many more. The region offers excellent botanical gardens and parks that have a variety of blooms, making it an ideal location for nature lovers. Show more

How long does the Bougainvillea bloom lasts in Amalfi Coast?

The duration of Bougainvillea blooms in Amalfi Coast varies from year to year and can last between several weeks to months. The first bloom of the year is usually between mid-April to May, and sometimes a second bloom occurs in August. Although not as bright, the blooming peak can continue until December, especially during the autumn months. Show more

What are some popular activities to do during the Bougainvillea bloom season in Amalfi Coast?

Going on walking tours to view the blooming Bougainvillea and other flowers is a popular activity during the season. You could also enjoy a quiet time on the beach or picnic with the floral background. For an excellent romantic experience, a sunset or sunrise boat cruise through Amalfi coast would make a perfect choice. Show more

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