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Sandstorms in Dubai

Able to reduce visibility to about 500 meters, the sandstorms may cause a lot of problems, but they're still a spectacular thing

Best time: April–August


One of the most recent sandstorms happened in April 2015, causing a lot of damage, ruination at the airports, and few traffic accidents. However, sandstorms are vivid signs of how powerful nature is, making it a spectacular sight to watch from the window. Remember to be careful if caught in such a storm, since they are unpredictable and gusty, and thus can be dangerous.

It is strongly recommended to check the weather in Dubai if there is even a remote possibility of sandstorms. With the use of cutting-edge technology, sandstorms are easily predictable, so we suggest that you check the weather forecast to securely plan your outings and other activities.

Practical info

When does Dubai experience sandstorms?

Sandstorms in Dubai occur from April to August. These storms bring unpredictable and gusty winds that can damage the infrastructure and reduce visibility. It is essential to monitor the weather in Dubai and follow the guidelines set by the local authorities to stay safe during sandstorms. Show more

How can sandstorms affect your travel itinerary in Dubai?

Sandstorms can impact travel plans in Dubai by causing flights to be re-routed or canceled due to poor visibility. It is also not recommended to drive during a sandstorm. To avoid travel disruptions, tourists should be vigilant by keeping track of the weather forecast and staying informed via official channels. Show more

What safety measures should you take during sandstorms in Dubai?

During a sandstorm in Dubai, it is best to stay indoors and seal all doors and windows to prevent dust particles and sand from entering. You should also avoid outdoor activities, wear masks, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. In the event of any medical emergency, contact the ambulance or a nearby hospital. Stay updated with the latest weather information from the authorities to keep yourself safe while in Dubai. Show more

What kind of damage can sandstorms cause in Dubai?

Sandstorms can cause severe damage to Dubai's infrastructure, including its buildings, transport systems, and even flights. These storms can reduce visibility to dangerous levels, leading to travel delays and cancellations. The government has implemented many measures to minimize the impact of these storms, such as installing air filtration systems and planting greenery in certain areas. Show more

Where can you find accurate information regarding sandstorms in Dubai?

For reliable information about impending sandstorms in Dubai, tourists can check the UAE Weather Center website or download the Dubai Now app to receive regular updates. It is crucial to stay informed about the weather conditions through official sources to ensure your safety in Dubai. The government maintains strict safety protocols during sandstorms and regularly communicates any updates to the public. Show more

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