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Dubai Miracle Garden

The beautiful garden of extraordinary flowers and floral art

Best time: November–late May

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a lush nature oasis located in the center of Dubailand district. The garden is open from mid-November to mid-May. During the hot summer season, it's closed for renovation. The garden covers 72,000 sq.m (775,001 sq. ft) of land. During the full bloom season, the garden showcases 150 million flowers. Dozens of colorful arches, sculptures, and figures full of amazing scents and colors make this garden a true wonderland.

Dubai Miracle Garden was opened on Valentine’s Day, 2013. and is set in the heart of Dubailand. It was mentioned in the Guinness World Records as the largest vertical garden in its first year. Later, in 2016 it set another world record for the largest floral sculpture - an Airbus A380 model created from millions of blooming flowers. Topiary sculptures in the garden are real works of art! The garden is annually visited by over a million people.

Part of the garden, called the Butterfly Garden, is open all year round, however, it's best to view the flower garden in its full glory during the winter season. Witness the marvelous floral art and thoroughly prepared flower shows every year in Dubai!

Practical info

When can visitors see the full bloom season at the Dubai Miracle Garden?

The Dubai Miracle Garden boasts an array of about 150 million flowers when it's in full bloom, which is during mid-November to mid-May. The garden occasionally closes down during the summer season for maintenance and renovations. That's why the winter months make for the best time to visit and witness the garden's splendor. Show more

What is the location of the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Dubai Miracle Garden is situated in the heart of Dubailand district- Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Visitors can hop on a taxi or rent a car to find their way there quickly and easily. The garden is readily visible due to its prominent location, and visitors are directed by clear signs directing them towards it. Show more

What are the two world records held by the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Dubai Miracle Garden, one of Dubai's most unique and beautiful tourist attractions has set and broken two world records. Guinness World Records mentioned the garden for having the biggest vertical garden in its first year. Later on, it set another world record by designing the world's largest floral sculpture, an Airbus A380 model made of several million blooming flowers. These records add to the garden's recognition and highlight its beauty. Show more

What is the total number of flowers blossom during the full bloom season at the Dubai Miracle Garden?

The Dubai Miracle Garden showcases about 150 million flowers during the full bloom season, covering an immense area of 72,000 sq.m (775,001 sq. ft). The garden is ornamented with colorful arches, sculptures, and appealing figures, which emit extraordinary scents and colors. The garden's natural beauty stems from the cultivation of different species of flowers that have been artistically arranged to entice visitors to partake in the fantastic experience. Show more

What is the Butterfly Garden? Is it open all year round?

Dubai Miracle Garden is home to the Butterfly Garden, the world's biggest indoor butterfly park, comprising 15,000 butterflies featuring 26 different species, making it a must-visit destination for all tourists. The garden is open all year round. Ten uniquely designed domes provide visitors with an immersive experience as they witness one of nature's most beautiful creations. An array of flowering plants creates a magical ambiance for visitors of all ages. Show more

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