Best weather to visit Miami

Miami Weather: Hurricane Season

Miami is one of the top three US cities, which suffer from the risk of a direct hit by a hurricane

Best time: June–November

Hurricane Season
Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is the time when hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions usually form in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, there can be some storms classified as subtropical depressions or subtropical storms, which are not as strong and devastating as tropical cyclones. Hurricane season officially runs from June to November, peaking from late August through September.

About ten storms occur each season in the North Atlantic, with an average of six becoming hurricanes and two becoming major hurricanes. In 2005, as many as 28 tropical cyclones were formed, of which a record 15 were categorized as hurricanes. If Miami gets on the way of a major hurricane, people are advised to make food and water supplies and stay indoors in a safe location. Many businesses close operations, the airports and seaports can be also closed.

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