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Best season to travel to Thailand

Jackfruit Season

Try one of the largest fruits in the world

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Originally, jackfruits were only found in western India. They eventually occupied the entire territory of India and other countries in Asia. Once you see the fruit in person, its size will amaze you—it can weigh up to 40 kilograms!

Jackfruits grow directly on a tree's trunk, not on the branches. The shell is very thick and is light green in colour (sometimes it can be yellow) covered with stubby bumps. The fruit can be quite difficult to open, but once you do, you will be awarded with around 500 juicy seeds inside! When visiting Thai markets during the jackfruit season, you can find segments that have already been cleaned for you. The taste of a jackfruit is similar to a mixture of banana, pineapple, and mango.

The best time for jackfruits is at the end of the rainy season in October or November until May. Jackfruit seeds have a variety of uses in Thai cooking ranging from being canned to being dried. You can also find popular jackfruit honey tea around Thailand.

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