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Mangosteen Season

Known as a queen of fruit, mangosteen or mangkhut has a delicate texture

Mangosteen Season in Thailand 2020 - Best Time

The sweet fruit divided into 5 to 8 segments, with some of them containing a seed. It is delicate in texture to the extent it melts in your mouth. Keep in mind, though, that mangosteen juice may leave marks on clothes, that are not easily removed.

Thailand is the largest producer of purple mangosteen. It also grows in Malaysia and Indonesia. The peak season for this fruit lasts from May to August.

When you choose a mangosteen at a market, make sure it's not rock hard. The colour of a ripe fruit should be dark purple. When green stem are still attached to the fruit, it means it was picked recently. Mangosteen is eaten fresh, as it's full of vitamins and other healthy benefits.

Mangosteen and rambutans 2020
Mangosteen and rambutans
Mangosteen Season in Thailand - Best Season 2020