Best season to travel to Taiwan

Passion Fruit

Fragrant and tasty passion fruit is readily available in Taiwan

Best time: June–December

Passion Fruit

In Taiwan, passion fruit can be harvested from June to December. Taitung, Nantou, and Tainan counties are the major production areas of the country. The three most common types of passion fruit currently grown in Taiwan are the bright yellow, the purple, and the hybrid Tai-Non. The purple one is dark purple in colour when ripe, has relatively less pulp and juice and is not very sweet or acidic. The yellow variety has a strong aroma, more juice and a high yield. The main commercial variety of passion fruit is the Tai-Non No.1, which is a hybrid of the other two. This hybrid variety is bright red when ripe and good for juicing. In addition, it has low acidity, a fragrant aroma, and a smooth, glossy skin.

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