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Shoki Shoki (Rambutan)

Exotic fruit which captivates with its sweet and fragrant taste

Best time: December–January | June–August

Shoki Shoki  (Rambutan)

Cut shoki shoki fruit open and you will see an ideal contrast—a red leathery exterior and white creamy fruit inside. Shoki shoki is a Swahili name of Rambutan. It stands out from other tropical fruits thanks to its sweetness. Cooks like to add shoki shoki to desserts and make ice cream with it. It is very healthy because it has a lot of vitamin C.

Rambutan is often confused with lychee. They both belong to the Sapindaceae famil. These fruits are native to Malaysia and Indonesia. The Chinese consider this fruit a symbol of love and romance. The fruit was introduced in Zanzibar around the 15th century. The harvest season in Zanzibar is twice a year—from June to August and from December to January. The fruits are usually eaten fresh, but they can also be used in jams and jellies, smoothies or various desserts.

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