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Crab Catching

Try crab trapping the ancient Goan way for an unforgettable experience

Crab Catching in Goa 2019 - Best Time
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Catching crabs involves a unique procedure done by Goans at least once a month. This activity is considered one of the most exciting things to do during a visit to Goa. You'll need lots of skill and strength to catch and kill a crab. The trap itself is a circular metal ring with a nylon net, called “Kobllem”. Inside the trap, locals usually place rotten chicken legs to lure the crabs.

Crab Catching in Goa - Best Season 2019

At high tide, your chances of catching crabs increase, but if you place your trap in really deep waters then low tide won't be a problem at all. Crab catching in Goa is a very popular activity, especially among fishermen and tourists. Crab meat, being succulent and sweet, is usually eaten roasted.

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