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Waterfalls at Peak Flow in Goa

An adventurous journey through lush green jungles and up hills—all for the gorgeous views!

Waterfalls at Peak Flow
Waterfalls at Peak Flow
Waterfalls at Peak Flow
Waterfalls at Peak Flow

Being one of India's best tourist destinations, Goa is full of lakes, springs, and waterfalls. The Dudhsagar Falls, meaning the Sea of Milk, is one of the highest in India and among the hundred highest waterfalls in the world. This four-tiered waterfall is located right on the border of two Indian states—Goa and Karnataka, on the Mandori river. It is 310 m high and 30 m wide. It isn't too spectacular during the dry season, but when the rains come it becomes more powerful and especially gorgeous. The peak of its beauty is during the monsoon season from mid-June to September.

The Tambdi Waterfall is another majestic cascade, on par with Dudhsagar. The Arvalem or Harvalem waterfalls are located in North Goa. This 50 m high waterfall cascades down from the mountains and forms a beautiful lake at the bottom which is perfect for swimming. You can also find lots of fruit trees here.

The Hivre waterfalls is an amazing place of untouched nature and lush greenery. Here you can find 16 waterfalls and makes for a great trip if you like trekking. Kuskem Falls is less known but no less beautiful. It is hidden deep in the jungle and falls from a height of 30 m. You can enjoy plenty of spectacular flora and fauna on the way to this waterfall.

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When is the best time to see the waterfalls at their peak in Goa?

From June to September, which is the peak season for monsoon in Goa, the waterfalls are the most spectacular. The landscape surrounding the waterfalls becomes more vibrant with lush greenery. Witnessing the waterfalls in full glory during the monsoon months is an unforgettable experience. Show more

What is unique about Dudhsagar Falls, and where can I find it?

Dudhsagar Falls is a four-tiered waterfall located on the border of Karnataka and Goa, on the Mandovi River. Its name, which means 'Sea of Milk,' is derived from its appearance during peak flow. Thousands of gallons of silver water flow down the rock face every second, creating a misty and magical atmosphere around the falls. Its sheer size and breathtaking views make Dudhsagar one of India's most stunning natural attractions. Show more

What are the details of Arvalem waterfall, and is it appropriate for swimming?

Located in North Goa, Arvalem or Harvalem waterfall is a 50-meter high cascade that creates a serene lake at the bottom, an ideal spot for swimming. During the peak season, visitors from around the world enjoy taking a dip in the lake's clear, refreshing water. The waterfall is surrounded by pristine natural beauty, and the peaceful environment makes it a popular destination for anyone looking to relax and unwind. Show more

What are the specific trekking routes for Hivre waterfall, and why is it an excellent destination for adventure enthusiasts?

Making your way to the Hivre waterfall in the Kundalika Valley in Maharashtra is an unforgettable adventure. Starting your journey from Kole near Raigad district, hike up the hills for approximately two hours until you reach your destination. Trekking to Hivre waterfall through the lush greenery of the valley is an experience that attracts many adventure enthusiasts. It's an opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty, making for a challenging yet rewarding trek. Show more

Along the way to the Kuskem waterfall, what type of fauna will I see, and where can I find it?

Kuskem waterfall is a hidden but beautiful attraction located in the thick jungle of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. The trek to the falls is an immersive experience surrounded by dense vegetation and diverse flora. On the way, one can spot many species of exotic birds such as the Indian pitta, malabar parakeet, gray wagtail, and the spotted dove. The trek is also home to many species of butterflies, insects, and snakes. Therefore, it is crucial to take necessary precautions while exploring the picturesque trek. Show more

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