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Hot Air Ballooning

Share an unforgettable experience with someone very special while seeing India from an incredible height


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Hot air ballooning is not as scary as it seems. Your experience in flight will be at elevations of approximately 1,200 feet, and this is high enough for piercing adrenaline and lifelong impressions. Imagine yourself as light as a feather, while you float through the sky having a peaceful and calm view of India's jaw-dropping scenery from above the clouds.

Although hot air ballooning is a relatively new adventure activity in India, locations for this kind of sport are numerous. Among all the places, Jaipur and Lonavala are the most popular, but flights have also recently started operating in Goa. Hot air ballooning in Uttar Pradesh is also a heart-racing experience: just imagine you and your loved one overlooking the Taj Mahal, the universal symbol of love!

But the most important thing about hot air ballooning in India is the weather. October through May is the ideal season for a ride, where the position of the sun matters as well. That’s why the start is usually in the early morning—the perfect time for your adventure.

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