Best season to travel to Goa


Visit Goa during the wine season and taste some great homemade varieties

Best time: January


Winemaking in India has a long history of thousands of years. It was especially encouraged at the times of British and Portuguese colonisation. Today only a few vineyards in Goa still make traditional wines. But don't hesitate to try homemade fruit wines in Goa such as Banana wine, Apple wine, and Bhinda wine made of semi-wild fruits.

The best time to try them is the Wine Festival in January. More than 20 Indian wineries participate annually in the festival showcasing some of the best sorts of wines together with renowned international brands. The Grape Escapade Festival combines exclusive wine tasting, grape stomping, the crowning of the Grape Escapade Queen, live music, fashion shows, and lots of fun. You can also take an active part in grape stomping and experience one of the stages of wine making on your own. Definitely a great experience and something not to be missed.