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Be amazed by the diversity and beauty of the world of birds

Birdwatching in Goa 2019 - Best Time
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Being blessed with a tropical climate, Goa provides perfect conditions for a huge diversity of local and migratory birds. This is also an ideal nesting ground for various species.

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Great numbers of birds can be found on the fallow paddy fields. The tropical evergreen forest areas are home to several woodpecker species and owls.

Some of the most popular birding sites in Goa are the Beira Mar Baga Fields, Baga Hill, Morjim Beach, Lake Maem, Tikana and Chorao Island, Carambolim Lake, Santa Cruz, and others. During winter season, Curtorim becomes a place where you can meet rare migratory species.

Bee-eaters, Parakeets, Kingfishers, Egrets, Eagles, Doves, Flycatchers, Weavers, Koels, Sandpipers, Kites, Robins, Wagtails, Prinias, Snipes, Herons, Warblers, Orioles, Sparrows, Swifts, Mynas and lots lots of others can all be found here.

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The major dominant birds of the Goan landscapes are Brahminy Kites, Black Kites, Oriental Magpies, Robins, Prinias, and Egrets. The best time for birding is early in the morning and at night. Birding in Goa can be an amazing adventure.

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