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Caring for an Elephant in Laos

Enjoy the unique experience of caring for an elephant

Best time: December–February

Caring for an Elephant
Caring for an Elephant

Laos is called a "country of million elephants" and it is not difficult to see why. While in Vientiane or Luang Prabang, tourists can ride an elephant and take a tour on its back. But if you want to take a closer look at an elephant's life, Kiet Ngong Village is probably the best place to be during the dry season between December and February.

Located in Champassak Province, this village lies within the Xe Pian National Protected Area and at the foot of Phou Asa Mountain. It consists of 150 households, whose main handicraft is wood carving and creating bamboo or rattan objects. Elephants are domestic animals for locals and are used both for village needs and as a tourist attraction. While staying in Kiet Ngong, ​you can help someone to take care of an elephant. It's lots of fun to wash and feed it. Afterwards, you can buy or carve a famous wooden elephant.

Not to mention, an elephant ride from the village allows visitors to reach the peak of Phou Asa Mountain. Here stands a mysterious ring of stone pillars and a great view of the National Park and the Mekong River.

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What sets Kiet Ngong Village apart during the dry season?

Located in the Xe Pian National Protected Area and at the foot of Phou Asa Mountain, Kiet Ngong Village is home to 150 households. The village is a top destination during the dry season between December and February due to its engaging elephant experiences – tourists can interact with these magnificent creatures, wash them, and purchase carved wooden elephants as keepsakes. Show more

Which Laos cities are known for elephant riding?

In addition to Kiet Ngong Village, Vientiane and Luang Prabang offer popular elephant riding experiences in Laos. Travelers who visit these cities get the opportunity to ride elephants, acquire knowledge about their maintenance, and even support them by purchasing souvenirs. Next time you go to Laos, don't forget to check these routes out! Show more

What are the activities tourist can participate in when they come to Kiet Ngong Village?

When guests visit Kiet Ngong Village, they will be thrilled to experience the daily duties of caring for an elephant, including feeding and bathing them in the river. In addition, visitors can take an elephant ride up Phou Asa Mountain and enjoy the panoramic view. For memories that last a lifetime, tourists can buy locally crafted wooden elephants and other souvenirs. Show more

What is the optimal time to make a trip to Laos?

Visiting Laos between November and February is ideal, as it marks the dry season, which typically attracts the most travel from tour enthusiasts. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and get a better feel for local culture, consider traveling during the less traveled months of May through September. Seasons from March to May tend to overheat, while June to October is considered the rainy season. Show more

What kinds of souvenirs are obtainable in Kiet Ngong Village, and what is the most favorable among tourists?

Kiet Ngong Village is indeed renowned for its hand-carved wooden elephants, which serves as the most popular souvenir and symbol of the village's unique culture. The village also offers other handicrafts such as bamboo and rattan. These souvenirs support the local economy and make perfect mementos of the village’s exotic offerings. Show more

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