Best season to travel to Thailand

Sapodilla Season

Try fresh sapodilla fruits while visiting Thailand

Best time: September–December

Sapodilla Season
Sapodilla Season

Thailand is a jackpot for tropical fruit fans. One of the most remarkable is the Manilkara zapota, mostly known as Sapodilla in Thailand. The fruit has brown skin and is similar in appearance to a small potato with its oval shape and small size. The fruit is native to Mexico and was first grown in the Yucatán Peninsula.

Nowadays, Sapodilla is very common in Thailand. The fruit is one of the favourites among farmers because the tree is very hardy and can grow under any condition without using extra fertilizer. Sapodilla is very soft inside with brownish or yellowish colours and some black seeds. The taste is very firm, malty, sweet, and juicy.

Harvesting season lasts from September until December when you can try ripe and fresh sapodilla or you can eat it in some desserts around Thailand.

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