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Passionfruit or Maracujá

Try passionfruit and become as passionate as the Brazilians


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Passionfruit, or maracujá as the locals call it, is a small round fruit with a strong, delicious tropical aroma. It's either purple or yellow and has a firm skin and a seedy pulp. The pulp of the passionfruit can be eaten raw as it is very sweet and tasty. You can also add the flesh to yogurt, desserts, or you can try to squeeze the juice out of it. There are two main fruiting periods —from August to December and from March to May. To pick a fresh juicy passionfruit, look at its skin—the colour has to be intense, ​and the skin itself has t​o be slightly wrinkly. When you find the perfect one wash it, cut it, scoop out the delicious pulp, and enjoy!

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